Star citizen referral code

Star Citizen Referral Code

Star Citizen Referral Code

Get Free In-Game Credits By Using Star Citizen Referral Code

If you are considering playing Star Citizen, one of the first things to consider is the free credit you can get. It is all possible with the help of Star Citizen referral code and it is easier than it sounds. What you will get is credit (in-game currency) for purchasing a new spaceship or new weapons. Keep in mind that the code can be used only one time and it can be used on multiple accounts.

What is a referral program?

First of all, what is a referral program? With the Star Citizen, it is a system which helps new players get points and credits after registering an account. It is free and it definitely should be used. For instance, you will get 5.000 UEC points which is more than just helpful when you are a new player. In addition, all new players who use the code will be higher ranked in the reward system.

The value of the code is actually $5 which is more than just helpful. Once you have registered an account, you will be able to invite other users, potential players of the game and help them get free credit. In addition, you will also get certain benefits.

UEC stands for United Earth Credit and it is an in-game currency. The Star Citizen referral code should be applied while registering an account in the correct field. The credit can be used for purchasing new ships, weapons, and also for decorating your hangar. To check your referral progress, go to the referral program section on the website.

Using and sharing the Star Citizen referral code

The best part regarding the code is the fact all of you can use it. It is free and it is so easy to use. We already explained how you should use it. The code can be shared with others. Use social media or your own website to share the code. Yes, you can give it to your friends as well.

By sharing code, you will help others and you will help yourself. They will get 5000 UEC, but you will get a recruitment point, which can help you gain additional rewards.

It is possible to use the credit for the Voyager Direct store. However, it is an expensive place to be and you will need to pay for each item you want. Sadly, most of the items don’t actually work, which is the main reason why VD will be shut down in the near future. There are much better ways you can use the credit.

Additionally, you will want to know that each new player who spends $40 or more will help you get a recruitment point. Those players, who use your code will get 5000UEC.


In order to assist you, even more, we decided to share some of the most common questions and answers with you.

  •  How I will get a recruitment point?

You will instantly get a recruitment point when a new player registers an account and purchase a game package or spend $40 or more.

  •  Will I get 5000 UEC when using the code?

Yes, you will get the credit. And no, you don’t have to purchase the game.

  •  Will an account status be changed if a user melts the items?

No, the account won’t be degraded to prospect status.

  •  Can I give away rewards?

No, you can’t gift rewards.

Using referral code for old accounts

It is important to remember that the code works for new accounts only. It simply means that you can use the code and get the aforementioned benefits while registering an account. The code won’t be able to add later on and it won’t be able for you to get a free credit. We know that this is a major issue at the moment which rose a massive wave among the old users and players of the game.

Referral rewards and recruitment ranking system

The first thing you will have to remember is that the fact the ranking system starts at 1 and goes up to 2017. The simplest ship to get is Gladius due to the fact it only requires 10 points. The ship will be available in your hangar and it can be used in all modes of the game. The rewards that involve 25 and 42 recruits are different. They can be used for Crusader and Arena Commander. As such, they can’t be used for the final game.

Adding more recruits will help you get permanent ships. For instance, with 75 recruits you will get MISC Razor. 100 recruits will help you get Vanduul Blade; 200 recruits Glaive. For 500 recruits you will get two ships. They are Anvil Hurricane and Terrapin. All of these rewards can be used in the final game and they can be added at any given moment. Of course, this is just an example of few rewards. There are a lot more and they are classified according to the number of recruits.

Star Citizen Referral Rewards And Ranks

RSI contest

The contest in question was available on August in 2017. Sadly, it was poorly adopted by the community and it wasn’t very special. However, some of the additional rewards were Star Kitten T-shirt and Pink Dragonfly. You should keep in mind that this kind of contest may be available in the near future.

Reddit referral code randomizer

The Reddit referral code randomizer is a great feature developed by the community regarding the Star Citizen referral code. The sole purpose of it is to help others get and use your code. The randomizer will automatically detect the new user and generate the code. Don’t forget that after 6 months your code will be removed. You can simply add it once again and again, as long as you need.

You can enter the program today

One of the main advantages is the simplicity of the overall program. All you have to do is to enter the code once you create an account and complete the process. After that, you will be a part of the system. You will get your own code that can be shared with other players and community. Keep in mind that using Reddit option the aforementioned randomizer is an essential and very useful system.

What is Star Citizen ?

The game is one of the most crowdfunded and the most popular game developments ever seen. It gathered over $300 million for development and currently it is in alpha version. This means that the game is still in development and has a few bugs which need time to be sorted. It is a space trading and warfare game which can be played on the computer. Don’t forget to use the Star Citizen referral code as soon as you start with the registration process. The code can make a massive difference and it will help you reach higher levels while playing the game.I also recommend you check out the best starter ship guide.

Star Citizen Referral Code


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