What ship should you buy? Aurora Mr vs Mustang Alpha

Star Citizen Best Starter Ship

Best Star Citizen Starter Pack And Starter Ship

You just decided to start with Star Citizen and you are making essential preparations? The biggest one of them all is your first ship. The best starter ship must be powerful, fast and reasonably expensive. Luckily, we discovered a few game packages available in the game that makes choices extremely easy. The three ships are explained below. Remember to use a referral code when you sign-up to get 5000 UEC for free.

Mustang Alpha starter pack

1. Mustang Alpha

The Mustang Alpha starter pack is undoubtedly an amazing game package that’s ideal for most beginners and experienced players. First of all, this ship has 4SCU cargo space, which is more than Aurora. It has 3SCU. Then we can see that Mustang Alpha can carry 2xS1 and 2xS2 weapons, which makes it more powerful in combats. If we add the fact that it is also faster and more agile, we can deduce that it is a better choice after all.

With this ship, you will be able to transport small amounts of cargo, up to 400 units. You can also patrol and perform mercenary missions. Let’s not forget about the combat missions which will probably keep you busy for a long period of time.

Aurora Mr starter pack

 2. Aurora MR

Aurora MR is far from a bad ship and if we take a look at the Star Citizen website and sort by ship price we can see that this is a great value for its money. It is simply different than Mustang Alpha. The thing we all like is the bed which is present with this ship. It allows for you to log into the game and log out anywhere you want. Weapons and shields are also above average and they are similar to Mustang Alpha. Don’t forget that the Aurora MR has slightly better missiles. Upgrades are versatile and they will make sure your new ship reaches advanced capabilities.

Star Citizen Avenger Titan

3. Avenger Titan

Avenger Titan is an interesting ship which can be a powerful and smart upgrade compared to Mustang Alpha or Aurora MR. For around 20-30$ you can upgrade the Aurora or Mustang to an Avenger Titan which is considered the most versatile ship at its price point. The Avenger Titan comes with more cargo space, a bed, and significant weapon-based upgrade. For instance, a nose gun and much better missiles than the other two ships mentioned have.

In terms of power, Avenger Titan is powerful and suitable for all kinds of combat operations. It is very fast as well, so you can get in and out of combat in less time. The big cargo bay will be very helpful while transporting goods, ground vehicles and for delivery missions.

The Final Word

We hope that you got the answers you deserve. These three ships are very different and they are suitable for all kinds of players especially beginners, and they are stunning in a unique way. Keep in mind that Mustang Alpha and Aurora MR are starter ships hence they are sold in the starter pack, while Avenger Titan is considered an upgrade. It is definitely a worthy improvement if you are ready to spend a bit more. Use this Star Citizen referral code to get free credits, the code gives you 5000 UEC which is worth 5$ and can be used in-game to buy ships, weapons, armor and more.

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